Uncategorized 7 Tips for Relocating With Pets  Moving can be stressful for not only the humans inside your home, but also for your furry friends as well. They are often hyper-aware of the changes going on in your home and recognize that a transition may be underway. From added people in and out of the house to their owners being a bit more […]
Uncategorized Two Reasons Why Today’s Housing Market Isn’t a Bubble You may be reading headlines and hearing talk about a potential housing bubble or a crash, but it’s important to understand that the data and expert opinions tell a different story. A recent survey from Pulsenomics asked over one hundred housing market experts and real estate economists if they believe the housing market is in a bubble. The results […]
Uncategorized Your Real Estate Hedge Against Inflation The concern about inflation is the sustained upward movement in the overall price of goods and services while the purchasing value of money decreases.  Tangible assets like your home consistently become more valuable over time.  In inflationary periods, your home is a good investment and a hedge against inflation. Money in the bank loses purchasing power due […]
Uncategorized How Remote Work Impacts Your Home Search How Remote Work Impacts Your Home Search [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights If your workplace is delaying its return to office plans or is allowing permanent work from home options, that may open up new possibilities for your home search. Ongoing remote work could give you the chance for a change in scenery, a move to an area with a lower cost […]
Uncategorized Real Estate in 2022 A Return to Normal? Last year was one for the real estate history books. The pandemic helped usher in a buying frenzy that caused home prices to soar nationwide by a record 19.9% between August 2020 and August 2021.1 However, there were signs in the fourth quarter that the red-hot housing market was beginning to […]
Uncategorized Rental Property Investment Return Rental properties have five primary factors that contribute to the return on investment. Leverage – when borrowed funds are used to control a larger asset, it increases the yield. Appreciation – investing in rental properties is essentially a long term investment.  Appreciation of the asset over time can deliver satisfactory returns. Equity Build up – […]
Uncategorized 6 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord. 6 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord Military families move every two to three years and with every relocation, a major decision revolves around whether to live in base housing, to rent, or to buy out in the community.  For those who purchase their own homes, there’s always the end product of knowing that […]
Uncategorized Why Keeping records of your home improvements makes $ense. Homeowners receive  generous tax benefits on the gain of their principal residence, up to $250,000 for single taxpayers and $500,000 for married taxpayers filing jointly.  Most people probably consider the gain or profit in a home to be the difference between the purchase price and the sales price. IRS allows a taxpayer to lower the […]
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